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Monday, 27 August 2012

Today's Mantra - Express Your Love With a Song

Radio Mantra 91.9 FM is quite active on facebook as sharing today's mantra about love. Asked people or if i would say its audiences so wouldn't be it good? Yeah of course it is tremendous!

Radio Mantra asked its audience that if they were had to express their love to their partner though singing a song, what song comes to their mind first? And all songs which are sharing by facebook fans of Radio Mantra is still going on and you can read them over Radio Mantra's fan page.

Radio Mantra 91.1 Love
Radio Mantra love

Now my question is? are there every song through which we can express any kind of love to our partner? Is such songs are really exist? Like if i would really have to say. "I am going to die without you." what song i will be singing? or if i would say, "You all my whole life without any reason." What would i say?

Sometimes it's hard to sing or find out a song with may fit with your expression. Any how Radio Mantra has started a very good topic over facebook so i would love to see the reaction of people. Will post the picture that Radio Mantra has posted in Their profile. And honestly i am really in love with that image, that's awesome. so Have a look!

Radio Mantra Bole to Life Ka Mantra 91.9 FM

So if you are quite new to listen Radio Mantra then let me share a little info with you guys. 

Radio Mantra is discovered by Dainkik Jagran Group which is promoting Shri Puran Mulimedia Ltd. Radio mantra is running its channel over eight cites across big state of India. It's basically featured in north India including UttarPradesh, Haryana, Punjab & Jharkahnd. It's oprates through a frequency which is 91.9. It is also having a great tagline i.e.

Radio Mantra 91.9 FM, Life Ka Mantra!